Brazzi Studios is a place for photography, filming, and business events. Here’s what you’ll find:
5 separate studios, each with its own interior design, with or without a cyclorama, and can be closed or open.
– you need to book the makeup area separately for the model’s preparation, especially if you plan to get ready in the morning.
– you can take your desired props to the rooftop terrace, which offers a view of the urban area of Vilnius. But on windy days, we don’t bring paper backdrops or lighting equipment there.
– in the admin zone, you’ll find props like chairs, cubes, boxes, fabrics, boards, scissors, and if there’s something missing, just ask the administrator.

For projects with 15 or more people in the team, it’s recommended to book two studios: one for work and the other for the team’s preparation, snacks, and relaxation.

Is it your first time visiting the studio?

Check out the frequently asked questions, and if there’s anything we didn’t answer, feel free to contact us using the provided details, and our administrators will be happy to help you.

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