PRICES. Price includes: 1 h:1 flash with softbox; 2 h:2 flashes with softboxes, 2 paper backgrounds. Also a steamer, plants, free coffee, water and any props of your choice.

– STUDIOS A, B, D, E – 1 hour € 40, 2 hours € 70, extra hour € 30.
– Chritmas STUDIO C – 1 hour € 55, extra hour € 45.
– MAKE-UP – 1 place 1 hour 8 €. Up to 5 places can be reserved.
– Roof Terrace – 1 hour €35, 2 hours €60, extra hour €25.


THE SPACE. Brazzi Studios is divided into five different spaces. Studios B & C – closed spaces, ideal for those who need privacy. Studio A – our brightest studio with a corner window. Studios D and E feature cycloramas and are extremely popular on sunny days.


PROPS. For your project, we can offer over 30 surfaces and textured walls, a majority of which are portable. Also, you’ll find over 100 different props such as plants, boxes, furniture and other small interior elements. 

DAYLIGHT & STUDIO LIGHTING. Each studio has large, 3 m high windows that provide an extraordinary amount of daylight. But just in case you don’t want to depend on the weather conditions, our professional studio lighting equipment opens up unlimited possibilities to create the desired result. 


ASSISTANCE. Whether you’re new to photography or a real PRO, our friendly administrators will help you ensure all the equipment is ready. What’s left for you is to enjoy the creative process!

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