New to Brazzi Studios? We’ve prepared answers to frequently asked questions, so you can feel at home in the studio and not be distracted by technical aspects while creating your masterpiece! So let’s get to know each other!


Would you like not only to save but also to forget about bill management?
Pay €270 – get €350 (saving €80). 
Pay €790 – get €1100 (saving €310).
Additional light/background costs 10 euro, for Brazzi VIP – 6 euro.

The purchased amount can be used until 2024.12.31, and if you finish earlier, simply purchase again. Payment is required before work. This can be done by card in the studio or write us an email, and we will send an invoice for your desired amount (€270 or €790).

What does a Brazzi VIP mean:
– You get the best studio rates 💸
– Surprises and hours for creativity ⏳
– Lighting consultations and assistance 💡
– Regular studio events 🍹
– Opportunity to become recommended 🗣
– Props or wall colors as desired 👩🏼‍🎨
– Opportunity to store frequently used items 📪
– Stickers stay:) ⚫️


The studio is divided into A, B, and C closed spaces, as well as minimalist open spaces D and E. Cycloramas can be found in A, D, and E spaces. Additionally, in the studio, you’ll find:
– a makeup area for comfortable model preparation, which must be booked separately, especially if you plan to prepare from the morning;
– a rooftop terrace overlooking urban Vilnius;
– an admin area and props: chairs, cubes, boxes, fabrics, boards, scissors, and if you can’t find something, simply ask administrator;
plenty of daylight: each studio has large, 3m high windows, providing ample natural daylight. In the description of each studio, you’ll find when direct sunlight appears there.

Studio hours are from 8:00 to 20:00.
The prices for all (A, B, C, D, and E) studios are the same. The price includes:
– 1 hour – 1 flash;
– 2 hours and more – 2 flashes, 2 backgrounds/fabrics.
Choose your desired space and conveniently book it here.


Reservations can be canceled up to 24 hours before their start time. Less than 24 hours – 50% of the reservation amount is charged. Same-day cancellations – full amount.

We allow entry into the studio and begin preparations from the time the studio is reserved. We recommend arriving at the studio at least 10 minutes before your reservation.

Realized you won’t make it on time and need extra time? Inform the administrator in advance. If the studio is available after your reservation, we’ll extend it; if it’s booked, we’ll try to find another studio. Reservations can be also extended for half-hour.

Payment for studio rental can only be made when work is completed, i.e., when the studio is emptied and fully tidied up, and props are returned to their places. Payment can be made:
– up to €70 by card;
– €70 and above by card or bank transfer within 10 days (we’ll send an invoice).
become Brazzi VIP and don’t worry about payments!


In the studio, we can offer over 30 surfaces and different textured walls, most of which are sliding. You’ll also find over 100 different props – flowers, boxes of various colors, sofas, chairs, tables, ladders, and many other interior elements. All items can be confidently used for creativity; they do not have any extra charges. Please return borrowed items to their original places.

Please do not move furniture, heavier boxes, or flowers – do not scratch the floor. We have wheels; if something is heavy, we’ll carry it.

You can choose lighting upon arrival or specify what equipment to reserve when booking the studio. We always set up flashes, attach diffusers, and synchronize the trigger. You cannot change the diffusers yourself. If you haven’t worked with lighting before, don’t worry – we’ll advise and help you adjust camera settings.


When booking any studio for 4 hours or more, we provide one spot in the makeup studio free of charge for the entire reservation period.

We offer the opportunity to rent up to 5 makeup workstations. Additional spots can be reserved in advance or upon arrival at the studio.

This studio space is dedicated solely to model preparation. Please perform all other preparation tasks in the reserved studio.

For the convenience of the team, each studio is equipped with a Makeup area where a makeup artist can set up.


Brazzi Academy is the systematic and fastest way to acquire professional photography knowledge in an environment where industry professionals work every day.

The training is tailored for photographers handling paid assignments and aiming to elevate the quality of their services.

Don’t hold yourself back if the studio scares you. Follow Brazzi Academy and learn new skills to feel confident in the studio.


The studio is pet-friendly. Don’t leave your furry friend at home alone. You’ll find a water bowl next to the water dispenser.

Don’t work on an empty stomach. In the lounge area, there is a water dispenser, coffee, and tea. Order lunch or bring your own – you’ll find dishes, a fridge, and a microwave in our kitchenette.

Create a sense of convenience for your client – inform them how to find the studio, where to find the changing room and coffee machine.

We do everything to ensure the safety of creators, but the studio is not responsible for lost items or accidents. We keep found items for 1 month.

Still have questions?
We aim to create an environment where you can work freely and comfortably without anything hindering your creativity, so feel free to ask for help or contact us using the details below, and our administrators will be happy to answer your questions.

We strive, love, and respect the creators in our studio, and we hope for the same from you <3

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