New to Brazzi Studios? We have prepared answers to some of the most frequently asked questions so that your creative muses are not distracted by technical aspects!


You can cancel or reschedule your reservation 24 hours before your booking. Cancelling it on the same day will result in a 50% charge of the initial price.
We recommend coming to the studio 10 minutes before your reservation. You are always welcome to wait in our lounge area but it is unlikely that we will be able to let you in earlier as the studio may still be occupied.
During your time at the studio, you can use any props that are in your sight. If you have any questions – feel free to ask the administrator. Also, have yourself a cup of tea or coffee.
Extra time
If you wish to extend your reservation, please contact the administrator beforehand. If it’s possible, we will schedule some extra time for you. However, if the studio after you is booked, we will try to find another spot.
To make a payment, please approach the studio administrator at the end of your reservation. After your time’s up, we expect you to tidy your workspace and bring back the props to where you found them. You can pay by card or bank transfer within 10 days (we’ll provide you with an invoice).
From September 13 all clients must present a National Certificate or similar document (EU Digital COVID Certificate, proof of vaccination, negative COVID-19 test result, etc.).


• I’d like to book a studio. How do I do that?
Please make a reservation on our website (here you can also check available studios and timeslots).
• What are the spaces?
Brazzi Studios is divided into five different spaces. Studios B & C – closed spaces, ideal for those who need privacy. Studio A – our brightest studio with a corner window. Studios D and E feature cycloramas and are extremely popular on sunny days.
• What is included in the price?
If renting hour studios for 2 hours, you’ll get 2 flashes with softboxes, 2 paper backgrounds, a steamer, plants, free coffee, water and any props of your choice.
• Do I have to inform what lighting equipment will be needed?
It would be great if you added a comment when booking a studio – we will try to reserve needed items and, if possible, prepare them in advance. Do not worry if you’re still not determined – you can choose on arrival.


• Do you help with the equipment?
Of course! Our team is here to help and make sure you enjoy your creative flow. No question is too small to be asked so feel free to approach any of our team members. If you’re visiting us for the first time, we will sincerely help you with all possible technical questions.
• Which props can I use?
All of them – they’re included in the studio price! Chairs, walls, flowers and other props are kept in a common area. Just in case you’re looking for something specific, check out our equipment and props section here. After your time’s up, we expect you to return items to where they belong. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Let us know! We are constantly updating our props area and maybe your idea will become our next purchase.
• Do you have a bed?
Yes, we have a bed with minimalistic light grey bedding. The size of the bed frame is 209 x 148 x 32 cm.
• Can I use confetti?
Yes, but you must tidy up the space afterwards.


• Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as it can get. No question is too small to be asked so feel free to approach any of our team members.
• Don’t work on an empty stomach. The lounge zone features a water dispenser, coffee and tea. You can also order food from our neighbours: https://www.facebook.com/elfavilnius We really recommend it!
• We’re pet friendly so don’t leave your pet alone in the house – bring them with you. The water bowl is located near the water dispe


• Please only use the table and chair provided for you at your workspace otherwise you will be charged for using multiple workstations. Items can be placed on a shelf under the table, on a common table or a sofa nearby.
• This studio is for model preparation only. Any other preparations must take place on your booked studio since it might disturb other MUAs working around you.
• Reservation for over 6 hours receives a complimentary spot. If multiple spots are needed, please arrange their reservation in advance.
• Please be advised that every studio features a vanity mirror. In case your time’s up and you do not want to extend your MU reservation, you’ll be able to finish your work in the studio.


• We do everything to ensure your safety, but the studio is not responsible for lost items or accidents beyond our control.
• We kindly ask you not to push the furniture around the studio. Our team will provide you with the equipment needed to move it around.
• Please keep in mind that we work hard, we love and respect our customers so we expect the same from you 🙂

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