Type in Brazzi Studios in Google Maps.

In case you still need assistance, here are the details:

1. Locate Iris building on Panerių str. 33. You’ll see a gated territory near it.

2. Pass through the gates and turn left. After turning left go straight for about 20 meters (end of the green building) before turning right. Go straight and locate a four-story building in the middle of the territory. You’ll see a big ZZ sign on the wall. The entrance is on the left side of the building.

3. Call 37 at the door and climb to the third floor.

IMPORTANT. You can park your car outside, however, there aren’t enough parking spaces at the moment. Vytenio street has a green parking zone. DO NOT PARK your car near Baltvita building – fines will apply.

If lost or further assistance is needed, please contact +370 674 91404 (Studio) or +370 674 46022 (Reda)


studio@brazzi.co (not .com)

If it is easier for you, you can contact us by phone (more details below).

UAB „Brazzistudio“
Registration code: 303502395
VAT code: LT100012123317
LT937044060008006259 (AB SEB)
Registration address: Pievų g. 32, Rietavas, LT-90309
Studio address: Vytenio g. 52, Vilnius, LT-03202

Brazzi Studios
Brazzi Photo School
Brazzi Production
 Brazzi Retouch


Ervinas, Edvinas, Donatas

Contact for studio reservations

Gabrielė Raudonytė

Will assist with questions about photography courses

Rūta Gaidelionytė

Retouching services

Tomas Brazinskas

Projects, lectures, creative ideas

Reda Bernotaitė

Will assist with photography services and community ideas

Kokota, Kukutė, Mažylis and Max

Our Board of Directors and Instagram influencers. Will always voice their opinions:)

@ Visos teisės saugomos “UAB Brazzistudio”
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