We strive to make BRAZZI a standard of professionalism and the source of ideas. A creative house where inspiration is fostered within the walls and imagination steams through the roof. Where you can feel the powder mist and hairspray in the air, and the mirrors with bulbs resemble the behind-the-scenes of London or New York haute couture. A place where you can always drop by to talk to colleagues, greet team members, and take a glimpse of what others are creating.


We used to say that we’re open to all creative ideas (not only just photography) until it struck us that we’ve been sheltering individuals from such a variety of industries & organisations. Our studio is home to product developers; the film industry; workshops, training & seminars organizers; music videos, TV and podcast creators; creative agencies; artists; designers; fashion or design presentations, events and exhibitions organizers; installation developers; make-up artists & hair stylists; theatre representatives; festival organizers; speakers and everyone else who just wants to create.

We truly want you to feel at home so feel free to ask us anything! For the studio to be driven by creativity, ideas and improvement, you will find a few different activities under the name of BRAZZI.

A unique 600 sq. m. venue suitable for photoshoots, film production, gatherings and other creative projects. You will be pleased to find over a hundred props including furniture, greenery, pieces of clothing and a wide selection of portable walls. Converting the space to suit one’s needs will be a breeze. If there will be any need to help you get ready for a project, our team will be more than happy to give you a hand. 

This project consists of different courses for both amateur and professional photographers. Regardless of your knowledge level, we can offer you a programme that will help you build expertise in the fields you are most passionate about. We promise to take you on a journey through the spectacular world of photography where you’ll learn to notice even the smallest things that are usually left unseen.

mintim – the time is now. Have no expectations, don’t wish to amaze the world and, most importantly, don’t compare yourself to others. Just make it happen. Creativity connects those who are not afraid to do what their heart truly wants – no matter shape or form. The most important thing is to enjoy and be at ease, so take your ideas and let them be free.

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