Bright, cosy and closed space when privacy and silence are your top priority. Ideal for filming. Here you’ll find two portable walls.

• One side of the studio features a white, textured wall that many minimalists will appreciate. The wall in front of the windows is decorated with soundproof panels that prevent outside noise and are perfect for the filming crew.
• There are two portable 2.5 x 2.5 m walls with concrete imitation, a plain white, black and dark wood with wall mouldings.
• Over 100 props.

Direct sunlight from dawn until midday. East-oriented windows.

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  • 1 hour: 35 €
  • 2 hours: 60 €
  • Additional hour: 25 €

Studijos Rezervacija internetu

studijos rezervacijos tekstas


Included in the price
1 h: 1 flash with softbox
2 h: 2 flashes with softboxes, 2 paper backgrounds
Also a steamer, plants, free coffee, water and any props of your choice.

Technical parameters
Light obscuration: full blockage with light-blocking curtains
Noise: this is a closed studio without outside noise.
Multiphase: in the open space (near C & E studios – please check the studio plan)
Studio parameters: 5.8 x 7.4 m. Height: 4.6 m.

General information
Elevator (for heavy objects, props and furniture): two industrial elevators – one going from 1st to 2nd floor (1,18 x 1,05 x 2 m), second going from 2nd to 3rd floor (1,9 x 2,9 x 2,19 m).
Lighting: we use professional Broncolor & Nanlite lighting equipment for photography and videography. More here.
Make-up: the studio can accommodate up to five MUAs at a time. Reservation for over 6 hours receives a complimentary spot.

Studijoje yra

  • Sofa

  • Mirror

  • Folding screen

  • Props

  • Clothes rack & steamer

  • WIFI

  • Coffee, tea, water

  • Music


Kas mūsų tas jūsų. Imkite ir kurkite. Apverskite, perneškite, mainykite. Eksperimentuokite!!
Fotografuokite ir vėl keiskite. Įgyvendinkite savo idėjas. Mūsų rekvizitai jūsų paslaugoms. Rinkitės iš virš 100 vienetų – visus rasite čia


Studijos planas

Studijos Rezervacija internetu



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