We are always surrounded by creative people that are on their unique paths to success, that is why we know the true value of devotion, discipline and a great and supportive team.

To fully implement your idea, you may need a few helping hands. For that, we are ready to present to you our most recommended professionals, such as photographers, stylists, MUAs, models, etc. Please contact them directly, they know the studio like their second home and will be more than happy to assist you in your creative journey.

Look no further - our make-up & hair artists will take care of you like no other.

Toma Šileikytė
Marija Stanislauskaitė
Jurga Kartu

You won’t have to move a finger. The stylists will make you look stunning on that magazine cover.

Viktorija Ramanauskaitė
Simona Senkauskaitė

Do you want your product to convince a crowd of millions? Let the models do the job they do best & create allure around your product.

Agata Suduiko
Laura Aleks
Austėja Grikepelytė
Milda Bylaitė

We try to house everyone you might need under one roof.

Jolita Šimelionienė

Studio Heygen – Modern flora design studio

Jurgis Dūdėnas

JUDU Production - Videography

Gytis Grigėnas

Photography gaffer

For your perfect event, presentation or celebration.

Mantas Stuk



Freight transportation

Soul Kitchen

Snacks and desserts for events


LED bulbs for rent

Kėdžių nuoma

Chairs delivery to the desired location

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